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Got a "Muscle Car"?  Want to build your own Custom?

New Services by Unlimited Dreams
With all the space we've got now in our new building, Ronnie has decided it might be time to expand into pimping out and restoring muscle cars in general. If you know Ronnie's background, this has probably been too long in coming for our services here at Unlimited Dreams. He's been doing this kind of work for years before he even got INTO motorcycles. He's currently working on a Mustang - he didn't really mention any specifics - but you know we'll be showing pics of it when he gets it going nicely!

Unlimited Dreams is also taking this a step further by working with individuals interested in learning how to customize their own rides - be they motorcycles or cars. If you are interested in creating / restoring a ride of your own, contact Ronnie for details on this. We have a lot of space in the new building. And more stuff than we can do ourselves - so why NOT show someone that's interested in doing their own work some of the tricks of the trade? Selecting the right parts, fabbing their own parts, mounting and installing them, even some custom painting - for full details if you're interested, contact Ronnie for details!

The places we've been. The things we've SEEN!

Speaking of the places we've been... Some of you might be wondering why those AWESOME custom bikes aren't out in front of our shop on South Saunders Street anymore. Well, it's because WE MOVED! We have no doubt that Ray down the street - you know who we mean if you've visited us before - will miss us.
Chris Kidd's Green Demon - Paint by Augie's Art So "where" you ask? Ahhh... The sweet smell of the country. Where men are men, and men RIDE hogs - and now, Unlimited Dreams Customs! We don't think some of the farmers out here have ever seen animals like these before.
Seriously, we're not that far out and we're very convenient to I-40 East going out of Raleigh, NC. Look for Exit 319 (State Road 210) outside of Benson, NC. Ronnie mentioned something about going back across I-40 and a left on Pleasant Coates Road and another left on Old Roberts Road. It was a bad connection. And our friends at Google don't seem to have it on their maps. Maybe we ARE a little further out than I thought. Anyway, they don't quite have the shop setup to their liking yet anyway. A good map and directions will follow soon.
Benson, NC. Not a hugely popular place - except for one weekend a year. And for that one weekend, it becomes the 10th most populous town/city in NC. The semi-famous Benson Mule Days (new window) *Gratuitous plug for our new hometown... In that one weekend, it draws close to 70k people. The Mule Parade is actually broadcast throughout NC. Donkeys, mules, horses, buggies... and now PROWLERS!
We'll keep you updated once the new shop gets into "show" form. Of course, if you're ready for YOUR new custom NOW, you can contact us via the old phone number for now and I'm sure Ronnie would be more than happy to give you directions. And Ray, we really aren't that far away - we'll come by and give ya some love occasionally. (Seriously, we WILL miss being right down the street from you)
*Webmaster's note: After extensive personal experience around this area, IF you decide to try and find it on your own and ask one of the locals for directions, "Ratcheer Road" is not actually a road. It just means the next one in the direction the local may be pointing.


Friends of Unlimited Dreams - Pure Gold and Dockside Dolls
Dockside Dolls Garner, NC - Unlimited Dreams is a co-sponsor of the annual Charity Bike Show

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