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Sun 4/29/2007
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What is it all about you ask?
Ronnie Cole formed Unlimited Dreams as an offshoot of a very successful custom truck shop. He had started the company in Cary, NC several years earlier and turned it into an very well-known and respected local shop. But like anything, there was always another challenge down the road for him.
Realizing that he really enjoyed the challenges associated with motorcycles, he set up shop and started working. It wasn't too long before he had established a name for himself as a top notch custom motorcycle man and he is still going strong.
Using the best components available, Ronnie and his staff enjoy the pursuit of the perfect bike. Whether it be a custom design that a customer has come through the door with or something that Ronnie and Co. whip up out of the blue, the result is always spectacular. The primary line of motorcycles is the Prowler Series which is always an excellent value for customers. The bikes are normally with the base equipment and customers can modify it to their desires - the sky IS the limit!

Custom bikes and Unlimited Dreams

Unlimited Dreams is a custom motorcycle manufacturer in Raleigh, NC.
We opened shop to offer custom motorcycles built to customer specifications. If you're just looking for a little puddle jumper, then Unlimited Dreams is probably not going to be your shop. IF you're looking for a mean street-eating machine, a chopper to take the next custom bike show top spot, or something to ride and feel REAL proud, then we SHOULD be YOUR next stop. From our standard Prowler™ Series to the one offs that are truly inspired, Unlimited Dreams can build the custom bike of your dreams!
The Unlimited Dreams showroom is always full of finished custom motorcycles, custom bikes in production and bikes getting a new paint job. We normally also have engines, motorcycle transmissions, custom wheels, custom motorcycle accessories, and a variety of custom motorcycle parts in our display cases. Things that we may not have in stock can be ordered through our extensive manufacturer network - usually at a substantial discount due to our volume. We regularly deal with Jesse James, S&S Engines, RevTech, Baker Transmissions, Paul Yaffe Originals, Performance Machine(PM) and Grumpy's Pipes to name a few.
We have our own in-house machining services. This allows us to produce specific custom bike parts for our own use or for a bike owner to get that one or two pieces that will make their custom bike stand out in a crowd.
We also offer in-house frame fabrication. We use these same custom frames for our own bikes, but, of course, you can buy them directly from us. You can get either the frame kit or the rolling chassis with several key custom parts already mounted to save you time when you're building your own custom bike.
We have recently started producing the still hard-to-find 280 frame if you're looking for something really special. And hey, if you already have a bike shop and would like to use our custom frames - drop us a line! We LIKE quantity orders - and give you a real price break when we can sell our motorcycle frames that way!
Custom paint is something else that Unlimited Dreams can handle for you. We offer standard custom paint services from our own in-house painting facilities - or we can do that one of a kind paint job that might be just what your custom bike needs to make heads turn!
Unlimited Dreams looks forward to seeing you and working with you on your next custom motorcycle project in 2005!

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Make your dreams come true with Unlimited Dreams!  
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