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Sun 4/29/2007
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Frames, Frame Kits or Rollers - the way you want them!
Unlimited Dreams uses the same Custom frames and kits to build their own prize-winning creations! These kits are the raw frame. They aren't painted, primed or finished upon shipping. Of course, would UD REALLY be "custom" if we wouldn't help you out with that? If you are interested in having some priming or painting done before shipping, contact us for pricing and time schedule.
We offer our items the way you want them - from frames to kits to rolling chassis configus. Pick the one you want!
Custom frame only - Self explanatory. We offer the basic frame in either our standard straight configuration or in the new Radius frame style. (pictured)
Custom Frame Kit - A little more work is done here for you and some parts are already included:
  • Frame
  • Gas Tank
  • Oil Tank
  • Front and Rear Fenders
Full Rolling Chassis - This one's a little malleable depending on what you want. Our normal config is the base frame with triple trees, forks, wheels, rotors, tires included. With our straight frame, these normally include a built-in oil bath as well..
But, the best way to get exactly what you want is to contact us and TELL us what you want. We will put together exactly what you want, the way you want it at a price that will have you smiling to yourself for a long time.

The new radius custom motorcycle frame

Well here she is! The new 2005 Radius Frame. Built by Unlimited Dreams. Ronnie was trying around some new frame ideas a while back. A bend here, a bend there.

And this is the result. A new concept in frames. You can see the curves in the primary rails giving the bike a completely different look and feel.


Radius - New concept in custom motorcycle frames  
The new radius custom motorcycle frame The top bar curving up over the engine, the seat position ends up being a little bit lower than on an average custom frame. The engine is held in tight by the multiple curves in the frame. It's a nice look. By the way, it's got a 4" stretch in the rear.
Curving around the engine - this is THE frame!.  
The new radius custom motorcycle frame with optional custom gas tank The Radius frame is available in chain drive only 250 & 280 left hand drive, as well as 280 right hand drive. We have all the pipes to fit this bad boy if you want those as well.
Long lean custom look - perfect for you next scoot.  
The new radius custom motorcycle frame with optional custom gas tank Construction:
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty - no lame 6 month or year warranty on these babies! As long as YOU own the bike (with our frame) and anything goes wrong with that frame, we'll replace it for you!
  • Genuine 1½" Steel - 120 Wall DOM Seamless tubing in them


Unlimited Dreams can build these frames for you with any kind of specs that you might want. These are the current offerings:

Up Out


  Gas tanks We use carbon fiber tanks for this particular custom motorcycle frame - and they're available to you with this custom frame.


Call Ronnie today at Unlimited Dreams today for current pricing. Whether you want just a frame kit, a roller, or a whole custom motorcycle built for you, Unlimited Dreams has got just the right accessories for you!


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Make your dreams come true with Unlimited Dreams!  
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