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Amy Vaughan visits UD
Firecracker on a firecracker of a BIKE! Amy Vaughan from stopped by to visit us. Amy is the #4 world-ranked Women"s 148 class Powerlifter
Show at the Raleigh Civic Center
Chance to show off locally! A chance to show off some of the Unlimited Dreams bikes for local folk.
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Raleigh Civic Center
More showing off The 2000 Prowler bikes at home in Raleigh.
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Barbie at the Civic Center
Barbie Barbie with her super promo shot she did for Unlimited Dreams. Is it any wonder lots of guys came to see the bikes?
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Shay at the photo shoot
Shay Shay was one of the other beauties at the Unlimited Dreams photo shoot. Thanks Shay!
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The White Bike
Talk about a show bike This bike was included in the Unlimited Dreams photo shoot. It was built by WIN Cycles here in Raleigh and much time was spent handcrafting the parts
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The White Bike again
Another shot of the white bike The bike is just so darned sweet, it would be an injustice to NOT have pictures of it up here!
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Detail on the covers
Some detail All that can be said about this bike is just "Incredible".
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