859-1" ?> Unlimited Dreams Custom Motorcycles http://www.unlimiteddreams.biz/ Custom Motorcycles en-us Unlimited Dreams Customs http://www.unlimiteddreams.biz/images/rss_logo.gif http://www.unlimiteddreams.biz/ 90 24 Working on a new frame style! http://www.unlimiteddreams.biz/ Ronnie decided (not neccesarily by choice) that it was time to build a new frame style. The steel is bending, the sparks are flyin'. We're definitely moving away from the more traditional straight frames of the past. Sept 20, 2004 Updating the site http://www.unlimiteddreams.biz/ Ronnie tells me that he wants an update on the website. He's planning on adding some new images. Time for the professional photographer to come on in and set us up with some high quality pictures. I've beaten Ronnie over the head with the images he gets to me. It's really hard to make a bike look good when the front wheel of a "would have been nice" shot of our new Prowlers is clipped off. Sept 21, 2004 Current Specials http://www.unlimiteddreams.biz/ We are currently running a special on Custom 280 frames. You can purchase just the frame or get the whole roller to your specs. Also moving out our 2004 straight frames at rock bottom prices. Call 919-833-5262 for current pricing. Sept 24, 2004 Lindsey on Unlimited Dreams http://www.unlimiteddreams.biz/ Lindsey, our newest Girl of UD, has new pics up on our site. Catch 'em before they change! Sept 27, 2004